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What’s the image of female mathematicians in your mind? Simply use common sense, it shouldn’t take long to imagine – uncombed hair like birds’ nests, HUGE glasses with lenses as thick as Nokia mobile phones, biting nails always, never focus on conversation with others no matter how gorgeous the young man standing in front of them is (their brain are overwhelmed with CRAZY formulae). Well then you are partially right – some of us are like this, but most of the time we act like normal humans, so PLEASE NEVER look at us like looking at CHIMPANZEES IN A ZOO.


However, girls, if you are just in the situation above then you really should read the following. Are you really so busy that cannot care about your personal life.

Get Ready for a DATING DAY!!! With somebody else expect for Mr. Maths!!!

Okay, now I assume that you are determined to make a little change, then please follow the steps. ONLY FIVE!

O lord, PLEASE put your BANG down!!! Look at the pimples, they are as many as Avogadro’s number already, what are you showing off?!

Use your comb in a proper way!!! I know you like to play it as a musical instrument and calculate the relationship between number of teeth-like stuff and pitch of the sound. BUT come on, it should be a tool to make your hair in a shape of perfect hyperbolic function.

Clear up your brain for a little while – no crazy functions and formulas please!!! Sometimes I called Mike Mauclaurin, and called Tom Taloy (names of series), though they are not series. That’s embarrassing.

Put your pen and pencils down, stop biting your nails!!! Look at your hands with jagged nails, no one’s willing to hold your hands !!!

Throw your HUGH GLASSES away.

Okay, MESSY-MATICIANS are more like HUMAN BEING now!!!

Okay, MESSY-MATICIANS are more like HUMAN BEING now!!!
Hi, there!
I’m stupid75z. First announcement: DO NOT add me as a friend because I’m 75Z; DO NOT delete me from ur friend list neither because I’m STUPID. I don’t mean to annoy you, but things are sometimes out of your assumptions.

Publishing a blog is definitely a cool thing, but nobody’s experience would be more exhilarating than mine, so I decide to share the hints of publishing a blog with you guys.

1. Never try this in computer lab at school – the speed is super-fast – I chatted with Roger then with Cheshire then Linda then daydreamed for a little while, and hey, the very shy webpage was still struggling about whether to show up or not.

2. Think about your usernames ahead. Look at my name and you will find how nice your names are. I gave myself an original, fascinating, poetic, elegant, and cool username with all SAT words that I know in order to show off. Unfortunately, the register centre's so jealous about my name, which contains merely 43 letters, that refused to accept more than 15 letters! That's unfair!!!

3. Never use GMAIL as your email account. Brother GOO is too busy dating with AltaVista, or is just too lazy and naughty to be trusted.

Okay, now I need to talk about this blog, which will be the greatest blog you’d ever read (in spite of its stupid name).

The topic is Mathematics, quite academic, seemingly. I promise that all the entries you will be reading are going to be as interesting as “interesting” can be – you guys know how hilarious I am, don't you?

After watching series like Big Bang and Sherlock Holmes, I smash into people with sky-high IQ, say, scientists and mathematicians, as they are unarguably charming in a modern way of sexy!!! I will break the stereotype that all math’ers are no luscious ladies but man-like monkeys!!! I will offer advice on how to crack Mathematics for you to be able to fit the new “hot” criteria. Stupid75z, who’s one of the only 2 girls in FM group, is confident about misleading math muppets without letting any one of them notice it. WOOHOO! I know MATH GIRLs well as I’m one. If you are interested in them, I will also help you at some point. O NONONONONO … I am not advertising me myself here, though I’m cute and single. Okay, forget about this, just kidding.